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Avant les vacances

what we did before we went everywhere

I saw the most amazing movie on monday night called
Three Colors: Red
I highly recommend, its a very philosophical movie.
I also finally caught up with Magali who introduced me to the comic strip "Le Chat"
The other big news is that I had an exposee. (an exposee is an oral presentation) My first exposee in art history! It was quite scary and I did a lot of work on it, I spent hours at the library at the Centre Pompidou reading books on Georges Braque.
It was on this painting the_violinist.jpg
COGE (the choir) is going well, i really enjoy singing with them.

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Troyes, Dromedaires, et du The A La Menthe

le weekend et les jours suivants....

sunny 4 °C

This weekend I took a day trip to the city of Troyes, a beautiful little town in the region of Champagne. Fittingly the town center is in the shape of a bouchon de champagne or champagne cork. It was a nice change from paris, we took the train (which only took around an hour) and arrived in the town. It was pretty cold that day (one of the coldest yet, around 1 or 2 degrees Celsius). We immediately went to find lunch because it was already 2 in the afternoon. We ate at a delicious pizzeria called Giuseppe. The waiter there was hilarious and very nice, i would recommend the restaurant to anyone traveling in that area, its cheap and has a great atmosphere. We then walked around town. The town has recently restored the facades of all the half-timber houses in the region. We visited the Musee d'Art Moderne which was excellent and very large (and the entrance was free if you are a student) They had a special exhibition on fauvist works and the most comfortable couches i have ever sat in. We also stopped by a small apothecary garden in which most of the plants were dead, it being winter. I enjoyed seeing it and reading the plaques. We also visited a church and a cathedral. All of which were very beautiful.

half timber houses at troyes
stained glass windows
comfortable couches

On Sunday, my Aunt Servane came to visit in paris. Aunt Servane, my cousin Tiphaine and I went to an awesome Art Exhibition at the Musee de l'Homme. I highly recommend it! The exhibition was a collection of drawings, sketches, mixed media and photographs taken of many different women around the world. It was a very moving and provacative exhibition. All was well laid out, the colors of the photos and the sketches were very complementary.
Then we joined Kate, Maurice and Albane for the Galerie d'Evolution. Albane probably had nightmares for awhile afterwards. The Gallery of Evolution has many preserved animals, elephants, giraffes etc. Its pretty interesting to see I learned the difference between Camel and Dromedary, one hump and two hump. The gallery of evolution is in one of the most beautiful movies ever made up of some of the best photographs i have ever seen in Le Jetee. I highly recommend watching it, I added a link to youtube.
After la galerie d'evolution, we went to get Mint Tea at the mosque. It was delicious and beautiful. Inside the mosque there were birds flying around and it was hot, so i felt like i was in morocco.
Galerie d'evolution (albane and maurice)
phonetic spelling of oahu on an old map of hawaii!
a la mosque
a la mosque
near le musee de l'homme
the exposition we saw. go see it if you can!
a sketch from the exposition
tour eiffel

A quick recap of my week:
On monday, I saw the movie Into the Wild with my Aunt Servane, which was very well done.
On tuesday, I went to a comedie/play with Aunt Servane that was called Les Divorcees. It was hilarious (even though i probably only understood half the jokes)
On wed, I also visited l'institute de monde arab. I went to St. Denis for class with Kate I went to a Mediterraneans and Balkan ethno-musicology class

Institute de monde arabe with very cool windows that look like the aperture of a camera.

On thursday I went to COGE, the choir that practices at ENST, a telecommunications school. We are singing a Bruckner Mass. Elodie (a friend from hawaii) and Patrick (from the brown program) are both singing in the choir as well.
On friday night Cassie visited and the three of us cooked a delicious dinner and saw an amazing movie called Paris by Cedric Klappisch. All of his movies are excellent (auberge espagnole). It was a very good movie and i highly recommend it.
Kate and I have been planning some of our trips. In the first week of March we are going to Avignon, Marseilles and Nice (if you know anyone we can stay with..... that would be awesome, please email me!) The second weekend I am going to Scotland to visit Kelli in Glascow and we are also going to Edinburgh) Spring break hasn't been entirely planned yet, but we are hoping to travel around italy, spain and Morocco. (Basically I really really want to go to morocco, that would be amazing)

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Une Semaine a la Sorbonne

Les cours commence

Bonjour a tous!

This week has been particularly hectic due to the start of classes. I have decided not to take any science classes this semester. This is unusual, but I felt that I should step out of my bubble and try something completely different. so here is what i came up with. I was supposed to take a photography class, that might fall through, but it might not as well. No public health classes sadly :(

My possible classes

Geographie de l'alimentation- all about the history and geographic distribution of food, we learned about the history of pizza and are going to learn about all the wines and the regions they are from!

Histoire d'enfants et femmes- history of women and children, should be really interesting!

Literature classique et moderne- reading montaigne, cyrano and le cid, very hard, and challenging but i have an excellent section teacher, so i think, if i pass, it will be a good class.

Cubisme, orphisme and cubo-futurisme:avant gardes of paris before 1915, -the title explains a lot of the course, i also am taking the history of photography as part of this class

Litterature of Edition: all about editions of books in french, pretty awesome! My best class yet!

This week Kate and I still kept busy in the evening
Mon night: wandered around St Michel, learned about a movie theatre where they play an old, black and white italien movie in black and white that has marriages in it (forgot the name) when you go in, they give you rice and a water bottle. When there is a marriage, you throw the rice and when it rains, you throw the water. apparently fun. I went with Kate, Kate's friend Andrew who was visiting and a French friend that we met who goes to ENST

Tues: We went to see our friend Jason perform in the Sorbonne orchestra. We saw Dvorjak's New World Symphony and Dvorak's violin concerto. Both were excellent.

Wed: We had Christopher and Elliot over for dinner (more french friends) I made my famous apple pie :) and then we took a walk down rue moufftard (where we found the cheapest crepes yet, sugar for 1,40! crazy!!)

Thurs: Cassie took Bonni, Kate and I out for valentine's dinner. It was my first ever valentine's dinner and therefore a very special occasion. We went to an art nouveau typical french restaurant that was delicious. I tried veal for the first time (delicious!, but i am against the idea of veal) It was a romantic dinner in the city of love....

here we are at the restaurant

This is what my life currently looks like :) Montaigne....

I have put up some photos on facebook
UPDATE: apparently i gave you the wrong link to facebook, you should not need to register in order to see the photos. i changed the link and it should work now. please take a look :)

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Rodin, L'ecole des Femmes and Fontainebleau

Tout ce qu'on peut apprendre

sunny 10 °C

The past couple days have been mostly filled with trying to figure out my classes and my schedule. Everything is still pretty up in the air. But I did have time to go see L'Ecole des Femmes at the Theatre Odeon. Everyone in the brown program went. The acting was great, the costumes traditional, but the set was awful. Everyone agreed they could have done more with props/sets. The performance was traditional, which was nice, but I was hoping for something less so. I have read the play several times and enjoy reading it everytime, but I was hoping the director was going to take a creative spin on it and do something or stage it in away that I did not expect from reading the play. Daniel
Auteuil played Arnolphe. He did an amazing job. I thought it was going to be hard to see him without thinking of the Valet/La doublure or Jean de Florette/Manon des Sources, but it was not. Overall it was funny n the exact same places as the play. With no other comedie added. A good play to see, but if you have read it, i don't recommend seein gthis version.

The inside of the theatre.
The outside of theatre Odeon. Newly renovated.

The day after the play we went to the Musee Rodin. It was a beautiful spring day, sunny, and a bit chilly. There is a large garden at the Musee Rodin and we really enjoyed walking around. We went with about 15 other Brown Students and Youenn lead a mini tour with his notes from wikipedia.


Rodin was very well known in his time. We saw several famous works such as the Gates of Hell, The Thinker, and The Burghers of Calais. We also saw a statue of Balzac in a bathrobe (one of my favorites). According to Youenn, the director of the Brown in France Program here in Paris, Rodin attended art school but then was kicked out, so he became a mason and picked up sculpting from there. However, according to wikipedia, he was classically in the petit ecole of the Ecole des Beaux Arts and graduated specializing in moldings and sculpture. Rodin sculptures went against the traditional, neoclassical style of sculpture. His statues are very natural looking with very enlarged hands and feet. The Musee Rodin had a special exhibition on Photographs taken of Rodin's work at the turn of the century. I did not take as much time as I would have liked perusing the photographs, but I really enjoyed the work of Stephen Haweis and Henry Coles and their photos taken at the turn of the century. They had a very ethereal quality to them.

The Jardin

Our pass, we told them we were art history students and they let us in for free!
I am thinking about the thinker
A sculpture, note the hands and feet

Street art

This week I also took a day trip to Fontainebleau. It was a beautiful day and we walked from the train station, through the foret de fontainbleau. The ground was covered with tiny white, spring flowers! We toured the castle with one of those headset tour guides. I learned way too much about cabinet inlay, tapestries and whatnot, but the chateau was gorgeous. And the gardens were as well. We ate chocolate and chouquettes, delicious pastries, the best way to describe them is cream puffs without cream. We found a grand surface or giant supermarket. Casino! it was much cheaper than in paris. We bought pillows! (because they are ridiculously priced in paris) It was a wonderful excursion, and hopefully we will have many more!

Foret de Fontainbleau
a peacock that we saw. We also saw white, albino peacocks.
the chateau
the chateau's lac

As i was cleaning the kitchen today and looking for quiche pans I found this glass/metal seive thing.
I have not idea what it is for? Any ideas?

Random cup with metal seive

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La Comedie Francaise Et Montmartre



Today was filled with small but fulfilling adventures. In the morning Kate, Patrick, Cassi and I went to Montmartre and explored the area. When we left there was some sun but by the time we got to Montmartre it started drizzling. We started at Metro Pigalle and headed in the general direction of up. Near Pigalle we saw our first Space Invader of the day (we saw another one at the park below Le Sacre Coeur.) This puts our total of space invaders up to 5 (the other three we spotted were at Bastille, near Rue De Lap, and the Louvre)
We did a mini Amelie tour and passed by the grocer where she bought her vegetables (M. Coligno). Sadly it was closed :(, so I will have to return anther day.
We stopped for sandwiches and crepes and then ate them near the big merry-go-round at the but de Montmartre. The sky turned quite dark and we realized it was probably going to rain. We took the funiculair up to Le Sacre Coeur where we took refuge from the deluge. The funiculair was pretty small and in comparison to the one in Lyon, very disappointing :(. But I still love funiculairs! And the view was very nice.
Other news of interest:
The Crepe/Galette stand at the bottom of our street has the best/cheapest galette and crepes, we have now determined (after a large amount of sampling)
I saw a violet/purple tulip and a yellow flower in the garden, spring is almost here!

This evening 7 of us went to the Comedie Francaise. It is free the first Monday of every month. We found out that the free seats were limited view, but despite that, it was awesome. We saw a drama called Pénthésilée, that was taken from Homer. The play was a love story of Pénthésilée, Queen of the Amazons and Achilles. Interestingly enough, according to Wikipedia, Achilles kills Penthesilea, but in the play (from what i understood), the opposite occurred. The actress who played the lead role Leonie Simaga was amazing! I thought the whole thing was very suspenseful and emotional. The plays main themes were violence and love and the conflicts between.

Here is a quote from Wikipedia:

"Heinrich von Kleist's Penthesilea

Main article: Penthesilea (Kleist)

The treatment of Penthesilea that has received most critical attention since the early twentieth century, however, is the drama Penthesilea by Heinrich von Kleist, who cast its "precipitously violent tempo"[13] in the form of twenty-four consecutive scenes, without formal breaks into acts. The Swiss composer Othmar Schoeck wrote a 90' one-act opera, Penthesilea (Dresden, 1927) based on Kleist's drama."

In French: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penth%C3%A9sil%C3%A9e
In English: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penthesilea

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